Turbocharger Spares & Replacement Parts for ABB, MAN, Napier & IHI

Bartech Turbos is your first stop for all turbo spares and replacement parts.

We supply complete turbochargers and parts to the highest specification and standards, which are equivalent to and compatible with brands such as ABB, MAN, Napier, IHI & Mitsubishi MET.

This ensures you can rely on the high quality and affordable parts you need to carry out your repairs.

The new & reconditioned parts we keep include equipment for turbos made by ABB, MAN, Napier, IHI, Holset and Garrett — among others. These include:

  • Napier Turbos: NA295, NA297, NA355, NA357, NA457, HP200, HP100, SA105 Series
  • Holset Turbos: 3”, 4”, 4HD, 4LD, 6”, 6D, 6LD, 6U
  • IHI Turbos: RH133, RH143, RH163, RH183, RH203, AT14
  • MAN Turbos: NR12S, NR15R, NR20, NR20R, NR20S, NR24R, NR24S, NR26R, NR29S, NR34R, NR34S, NA34, NA40, NA48, NA57, NA70
  • ABB Turbos: VTR160, VTR161, VTR200, VTR201, VTR250, VTR251, VTR320, VTR321, VTR400, VTR401, VTR500, VTR501, VTR630, VTR631, VTR184, VTR214, VTR254, VTR304, VTR354, VTR454, VTR564, VTR714, VTC214, VTC254, VTC304, RR151, RR153, RR181, TPS48, TPS52, TPS57, TPS61, TPL65, TPL69, TPL73, TPL77, TPL80, TPL85
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Reconditioned Spares

If you need reconditioned turbocharger parts and spares, we can get them to you fast.

We keep a huge range of spares in stock, meaning we can often ship that vital part to you immediately. Every item we supply is fully reconditioned and tested, giving you the best possible quality for a highly economical price.

Alternatively, should you have spare parts or complete turbochargers that require reconditioning or overhauling, please contact us for a quotation.

So when you need a specific rotor assembly, compressor wheel, nozzle ring, shroud ring or other turbocharger part, get in touch. We’re ready to help you.

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