IHI Turbochargers

IHI turbochargers are widely regarded as one of the most reliable and well performing brands in the turbocharger industry. The Japanese designed products have found application in the automotive, heavy truck, construction, marine and industrial engine markets.

We can assist you with the IHI Turbo spares and support for the following models;

  • IHI Turbos: RH133, RH143, RH163, RH183, RH203, AT14
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Main Design Features of IHI Turbochargers RH Model:

  • Mixed flow turbine and a radial flow compressor assembled as a single unit.
  • Turbine Side – a seal ring and heat shield are provided so that gas does not come in contact with the bearings.
  • Compressor Side – a seal plate and seal ring prevent the air and oil leaking.
  • A thrust bearing preventing the shaft to move due to thrust force and two types of journal bearing available: i) semi-floating type; a conventional floating bearing rotates, but semi-float bearing doesn’t rotate and ii) full-floating type; a dual oil film is formed on the internal and external faces of the bearing while the bearing bush rotates.

IHI Turbochargers Benefits:

  • High Reliability: thermal resistance, oil seal performance and bearing stability ensure long product lifetime and reliability.
  • Performance: the design of the compressor and turbine wheels allow for high flow rates, wide operating ranges and outstanding response.
  • Compact: designed to minimize size and weight, the RH series can be installed on a variety of applications.

To support you with the continued service for your IHI Turbochargers we will give you:

  • Bartech’s UK Quality Assurance
  • 12 month warranty
  • Savings of upto 40% on OEM list prices
  • 25 years experiencing working with heavy duty diesel engines
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