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Napier 295 / NA295 Turbochargers

As part of the well-known Napier 5 Series, the Napier 295 / NA295 Turbocharger offers high efficiency at all pressure ratios, as well as reduced engine emissions and maintenance costs. These turbochargers were installed on a number of engines such as the ALCO (American Locomotive Company) 16 Cylinder 251-C.

To support you with the continued service for your Napier 295 / NA295 Turbochargers we will provide you with:

  • Bartech’s UK Quality Assurance
  • 12 month warranty
  • Savings of upto 40% on OEM list prices
  • 25 years experiencing working with heavy duty diesel engines
Napier 295 / NA295
Max Speed (RPM)31 000
Max Temp (oC)650
Pressure Ratio4:1

Customer Feedback

  • We are thankful for giving us quick responds to our needs – Ensis Group, Maldives
  • Thanks for the help & the fact that you where able to keep your promises regarding delivery – URS, Belgium
  • Thank you for your support – PT Nusantara Turbin dan Propulsi, Indonesia

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