As you might know, Bartech Marine Engineering, are our parent company who work alongside us overhauling and servicing clients’ turbochargers. The below project proved particularly interesting.

They received a call from a client after overhauling their Caterpillar C7 engine 10 months previously.

The trouble was, after 130 running hours, the turbocharger had seized, and the customer expected the turbocharger to be repaired under warranty – which naturally would be no problem.

But as it turned out, the turbocharger hadn’t seized. 

The usual cause of seized turbochargers is a lack of oil to the bearing – as they could be spinning at 20,000 RPM, the shaft always requires sufficient lubrication.

But this wasn’t the problem in this case, it was something much simpler.

Instead, some paper had been allowed to get into the air intake, stuck between the compressor wheel and the casings, causing the turbocharge to seize.

It sounds simple to fix, and was relatively easy, but the reality is that the damage could have been a lot worse, and a lot more expensive.

This is why cleaning is vital.

It is imperative that your engine is fully cleaned if any parts are removed and ensure that your air filters are operating correctly.

If not, your engine and turbocharger are at risk of damage by contamination.

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